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Bonanza 2018 2018-03-15 21:04:55

May 19th this year Västerås and Turf Västmanland will host the World

Championship in Turf, or as Turfers calls it: Bonanza.

Pre-registration is now up and running! You will be able to buy

BonanzaBag or t-shirts. If you sign up before the 1st of April, you will

have a zone with you turf-name at the event.

Go to uturf.se and sign up for a great time!

(http://www.uturf.se/index.php/anmalan-bonanza-2018) to find out more

TURF INSIDER March 2018-03-13 21:12:29

Round winners 

Here we go again. We are running out of superlatives. Király grabs his fourth gold medal within a year. How long will it take before he passes Kingenins legendary collection of six? This time it required 831 802 points by 4 233 takes. Next to him we find JENZA from Swedens royal city Stockholm who grabs his first noble medal with 718 005 points by 3 724 takes. At third place we find the ice cream loving turfer from Örebro, MiniHolger, with 553 771 points by 3 134 takes. 

Great job everyone!


The yearly skiing tradition of Vasaturfen has finished. This year we got to follow Harijono and Fredricks journies from Sälen to Mora and the 12 zones between. We are also happy to announce that the last stop on the race in Eldris has just recieved its own zone. So even if you have finished the race before you now have a great motivation for another try! I didn't had the courage to try on the longer race this year, I settled with the shorter version of 3 miles, starting in Oxberg. But at least I got a bonus zone in form of GirlPowerWasa. 

Zoon time for the Bonanza!

On May 19 this year Västerås and Turf Västmanland will host the World Championchip of Turf, or as a Turfer calls it - Bonanza!

At 9:00, the doors will open. The Bonanza by foot class will start at 10:30 and end by 12.30 with winner ceremony at 13:00. The Bonanza by bike class (not motor driven) will start at 14:00 and end by 16:00 with winner ceremony at 16:30. Another ceremony with the bigger Prize table will be held at the Bonanza Banquet. Get in good time before each start if you want to participate in the warm up and review of game rules that will take place half an hour before start. (Exact times and schedule will be available on the event day in the starting area and on the website.) Food/snacks vendor, merchandise-shop, exhibitors and nice company will be available all day.

The base camp is at Arosvallen in Västerås. It is located just north of Västerås city center in the area of ??Kristiansborg. Arosvallen is the outdoor facility in Västerås for athletics, football and football for boys and juniors (the seniors got a new arena 2008). The arena was built in 1932 and hosted 2 matches in the World Cup in 1958. The plant has a capacity of 1,000 seated and 9,000 standing spectators (but maybe not as many Bonanza participants if everyone has a bike with them...)

In the evening, a dinner, Bonanza Banquet, will be held at Koppar Restaurant, located east of Central Västerås in the Kopparlunden area. The distance is about 5-7 zones from the base camp (i.e. about 1500 meters). Here you have the opportunity to hang out with other competitors and share your best memories of turf. On the menu there is a barbecue buffet, drink and dessert. The buffet is adapted to also suit those who need special food. Two additional à la carte dishes will be offered. (To participate in the banquet, you must notify and pay your food in advance.)

The participation in the Bonanza itself is of course free of charge and everyone receives the Bonanza medal as proof of their participation, the top 3 of each class will also receive bronze, silver or gold bonanza medal. If you want to get the best bonanza experience - send in your registration as soon as possible. The invantation to the Bonanzan will open the next few days. You can also sign up to buy a Bonanza t-shirt, the Bonanza banquet ticket and a BonanzaBag in connection with your pre-registration. The bag is a little goodie bag our from sponsors and is a way for participants to help the event financially.

We welcome all Turfers to Västerås and hope that you have a good time both before, during and after the event!

See you in a zone!


Turf 2.0 2018-03-03 19:39:18

What does the Danish West indies, Jimi Hendrix guitar, and the Eiffel tower have in common?

They all reveal the release date of TURF 2.0!

League 2018-01-28 20:57:33

All our beloved supporters are now able to see the league on turfgame.com

Check it out!

(Toplists -> Leagues)

TURF INSIDER January 2018-01-28 20:55:38

Winners and records

After a round resting his legs in Spain he's right back on track as we are used to see him. The bull from Skåne demolishing the contenders and securing another Gold medal. Kiraly took the lead during the first week and kept it to the end. With 1 204 172 points by 5 591 takes he grabs his third gold medal. Next to him we find a new face in Superelak, sounds like a nice guy, with 1 051 361 points by 5 370 takes he reaches his first of the noble medals. Great job in the turfing pit of Umeå. At third place we find the turfer who has taken over Snusmumrikens territory, Stinabus claimed her second bronze medal with 850 643 points by 4 870 takes. 

Congratulations everyone!

New attribute and competition

The attribute Train Station is live and kicking. The week before new years eve an competition was arranged in connection to the release. To participate you had to be a supporter and take one Train Station zone during December 30th. We had 315 contenders  and the winners were finnclipper, Vintentina and Knut51. The prizes was first class round-trip tickets with the Swedish train operating company SJ.

Turf interview

Here follows a section with content not seen previously in the newsletter. A interview with some Turfer in true Turf24-spirit. First off is one of the turfers in Holland:

- What is your turfname and why do you use this name? Any special reasons?
My turfname is Mamzilla, it is a nickname my sons use for me

- How did you find out about Turf?
In a Dutch newspaper Turf was described, test & rated.

- Which are your personal future goals in Turf?
I'm saving money to travel to Scandinavia again. Probably next summer. Take unique zones and experience real competition.

- Which medals and achivements are you most proud of?
Neutralizer and Revisit. Have you got any Idea how far I had done travel just to take the zones... And then again to revisit. We didn't have that many zones in my hometown back then.

- How is it to be turfing in the Netherlands? Do you feel Turf is growing bigger or not?
There is a serious lack of competition. Turf is not growing. During summer Holiday some foreign turfers came to Amsterdam. And thanks that we had some competition. Today Mieke1965 took 1 of my zones in Haarlem. Sometimes Troetje does. But that is all the competition I have.

- What kind of development would you like to see from Turf?
I keep hoping people in the Netherlands will pick Turf up.

Bonanza 2018

Date, time and place are set! Time to prepare yourself for this years biggest Turf event. The Bonanza in Västerås will have Arosvallen as gathering and starting area. The preliminary event times are 10:30-12:30 for the foot event and 14:00-16:00 for the bike event. 


See you in a zone!


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