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Swedish Turf news site 1 year 4 days

Congratulations to the awesome news site TURF24 who has just existed for one year!



Oh my god turfers are good 10 days


10 million zones was taken in 4 years and 2 months.

Roughly 2,5 million kilometers(!) has been travelled between zones in the name of turf. That equals more than 3 trips to the moon and back.

A total of 8 years have been spent in zones waiting for takeovers.

The app has been started 9988998 times.

Most zones (778466) are taken between 15.00 and 16.00 UTC.

34 events have been arranged, 49 rounds have been played.

Now, let´s pick up the pace! :-)

We have a winner 11 days

Wsnurr took zone 10M. An Android smartwatch will be the award!

[08:24:24] -10. k_hitch
[08:24:24] -9. Blabert
[08:24:25] -8. Landlord
[08:24:26] -7. LoneDog
[08:24:29] -6. Maqqan
[08:24:29] -5. Thunell
[08:24:30] -4. kaninmage
[08:24:32] -3. Wittemyr
[08:24:32] -2. bifivar
[08:24:37] -1. playstreetking
[08:24:38] 0. Wsnurr
[08:24:38] 1. SunYour
[08:24:39] 2. embeoo
[08:24:41] 3. Jojje
[08:24:42] 4. krocketkungen
[08:24:42] 5. Gnutten
[08:24:42] 6. jisa
[08:24:42] 7. SneakPeek
[08:24:45] 8. Pakten
[08:24:46] 9. LIAR
[08:24:46] 10. KGABERGGREN

National TV coverage 11 days


Earlier today, Turf was seen on national Swedish TV. We will appreciate this fine recognition by continuing to make the game even better for schools. Less data consumption and custom gym-class events is just around the corner.

Video link: http://www.tv4play.se/program/nyheterna?video_id=2962121

Zonerace in Västerås! 13 days


Coming up real soon is an Open Event in Västerås. On September 27th the turfers in Västerås invites You to a new kind of event, where the game setting will be a bit different than normal. Intrigued? Find out more on Facebook or in the forum!

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