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New web map provider 2018-12-14 21:27:40

As you may have noticed we have recently changed away from google maps here on the web site.

The reason is googles new pricing policy which we cannot afford with todays amount of map loads.

So instead of removing the map, we are moving to an alternative tileset provider. The tiles may change whenever we find something better. The factors we look for are cost, detail and looks.

We like to stress that this only concerns the web map for now. Google has not revealed any plans to raise the prices for the apps.

/Turf Crew

Musikhjälpen 2018 2018-12-09 18:25:20

Stöd Musikhjälpen genom att ta zoner!

I år hjälper vi Turfare Musikhjälpen med att göra världen till en bättre plats.
Årets tema är: Alla har rätt att funka olika

Klicka HÄR för mer information om hur DU bidrar

TURF INSIDER December 2018-12-09 18:10:48

Round Winners

The winner of round 101 is now the turfer with the most Gold medals: congratulations to Király from Malmö, Skåne! He won with just over one million points and I was ”lucky” to take two zones from him when I visited Malmö during this round, and then I lost more than ten zones to him. C’est la vie! OdKing from Dalarna also turfed home a little over one million points for his first silver medal. Leifons from Stockholm biked enough to secure his first Bronze Medal. Well done mates!

Turf Events

Lusseturf will take place in Västerås for the sixth time on Sunday the 9th of December. It is an event by foot and a new thing this year is a team competition. Read more and sign up at: http://www.uturf.se/?p=55612.

If you want your public event featured in Turf Insider, write to: insider@turfgame.com preferable at least two months in advance and add a web page if possible. After the event it is always fun to read a paragraph about it (winners, weather, funny episodes) and remember that a picture is always worth more than a 1000 words.

Turf Meetings

Turf Insider has received a greeting from the turfers in Turku/Finland:

Greetings from Lounais-Suomi in Finland. Our team is growing in Turku (Åbo) and neighborhood. For a long time some of us have been talking about trying to get the local turfers together to get to know each other. It turned out to be harder than we thought as all of us are not reading the chat. But to get started we had our first meeting on Sunday November 25th. We met at the Market Square and took TurkuCity zone as a group. After that we walked up the hill to the Art Museum and took TurkuArt zone as well. Unfortunately one had to leave out from the second zone. It was a short meeting but really nice to get to know each other better and we will definitely have another one later on.
With more planning and hopefully get in touch with more Turfers to join up.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Keep turfing.

Petter69, TortugaVeloz, MarkkaLM, Lazytraveller, ojarnstr, Kayaker and Redmountrider”

In Northern Sweden the lakes now have skateable ice on them. Something ZoneBanger from Umeå took advantage of the other day when he put on the long distance ice skates and skated around the Nydala lake, visiting 15 zones, among them Bont’s two winner zones. This made me a little bit jealous since we don’t have a similar lake with as many zones in Uppsala.

If you have a meeting, event or something fun you want to share with the community, write to insider@turfgame.com

Turf Christmas Fun

In the last edition of Turf Insider, KråkanKrax told the story about a Turf dinner in Mariehamn and how Tompaj had put together a Turf Quiz for their after dinner entertainment. He has redesigned the questions a little and the quiz is available at: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/4f1 (only in Swedish though).

Inspired by Tompaj’s quiz, five Uppsala-turfers put together a "Piece-by-piece" (Bit-för-bit) with Turf-related categories at the Saturday’s Turf brunch. We hope you enjoy it!//Munin, TriggerHappy, SaffieSiri, Hylaeus and HogSquare. (both English and Swedish version)

Three Quick Ones

Three random turfers who have answered the quick questions :)

Turf nick: PaltN

What made you begin with Turf?

An acquaintance told me about the game a couple of years ago, and I absolutely loved the idea. It wasn't until this spring I started playing due to me lacking a decent phone to play with. No turning back now!

Which personal goal are you most satisfied with?

Fighting in the first days of a round to score a temporary top 10 position in my home region. Ended up at 7th position before I had to surrender. I never knew pain before that moment. As a side note I'm also really proud over how far the TurfWiki project has come. It's wonderful to be part of an awesome team and see all contribution from the community come together.

Which medal was the toughest to take?

Greed-75. It was a good challenge and the moment I got it was very rewarding.

Turf-nick: Kygni

What made you begin with Turf?

A friend from Enköping mentioned it during Easter holiday in 2015

Favorite Zone

Kygni99, my winner zone.

Most memorable zone you have taken.

Seglaren. I swam to it in September 15, 2017. Cold cold water. I was there with my school class. The zone was situated in the old place, far far away from land, and I was told by the gym teacher to get out of the water, in the end I got 30 seconds to take the zone and I made it!

Turf-nick: Vortex

What is the most frustrating with Turf?

The start of a new round. There is always some kind of problem, I've probably never had a round start that has gone without a hitch.

A medal you would like to see in the future

The Sphinx Medal when you take x number of monument zones and/or world heritage zones. May be several levels to it.

Most memorable zone you have taken.

VictoriaFalls. A spectacular and cool zone!

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!


Some love 2018-11-23 15:09:56

Cancer is a horrible and terrible disease.
During 2018, the Umeå Turfer Vozne among many other people was diagnosed with cancer, thyroid cancer.
After two operations during summer 2018 and a treatment with radioactive
Iodine in October it looks as she won the fight against her cancer. During
October, Vozne’s partner Bont fought and managed to win the Gold medal for
round 100. In honor for his love and her fight against the cancer the shape
of the winner zone will be a butterfly, symbolising the efforts made
worldwide to treat thyroid diseases. When the winner zone lights up November 25
Vozne and Bont will explain the shape and inform about the possibility to
contribute to the rehabilitation of those trying to recover from cancer.

Contribution can be made by Swish to 900 2064 or through

TURF INSIDER November 2018-11-23 15:07:28

Round winners

The winner of round 100 claims his second Gold: congratulations to Bont från Umeå, Västerbotten! He also managed to complete his 50th (!) Staminatrix during his winning round. Too bad there ain't a medal for such an achievement. ZonerX from Stockholm turfed home a little over 1 million points for his first silver medal. GW007 from Kalmar had to make do with a Bronze medal, but maybe that was the goal since it is his first bronze. Well done mates!

Turf Wiki

At https://wiki.turfgame.com/en/wiki/Main_Page you can read about many aspects of Turf. As of October 31 2018, TurfWiki is going through a major overhaul supervised mainly by PaltN and Kartmannen. This will hopefully improve the general tidiness and readability of the articles. The task is estimated to carry over into 2019.

Turf Meetings

KråkanKrax from Åland is sharing a story about a Turf dinner they recently had in Mariehamn:

We are a small group of 4-6 people (from the beginning KråkanKrax, Yoth and Tompaj, later we included our partners UtiVårHage, Aspirin and Griffonlady) who enjoy each others company. We decided to meet at Tompaj and Aspirin on a Saturday night to eat and drink champagne to celebrate all the medals and successes that had been bestowed upon us in recent months. The evening was a success with lots of ideas and laughter while we ate well and ”bubbled”.


We were also challenged to a "turf game quiz" where we had to answer all possible and impossible questions about Turf, show our knowledge about the game and other turfers in the "world". It was a much appreciated initiative from the hosts :) Late at night or early in the morning we (KråkanKrax, UtiVårHage and Yoth) biked home, of course via "some" zones. One of us did not get home right away even though we separated from him at his stop. He rambled about for another 2 hours on the bike all the way down town and you all know who, right? ;)

If you have your own Turf Meeting story you would like to have featured in Turf Insider, please write about it to: insider@turfgame.com My aim is to have at least one Turf Meeting story each month. You can write in Swedish or in English, a few sentences are enough (if you write too much, I will edit it). A picture is always fun too. It can be both about monthly organized meetings or small encounters while turfing.

Holy Zones and the Ghost Minute Medal

There are today 3135 Holy Zones (HZ) to visit in Turf.A HZ should be entirely or mostly placed in a “Holy” area; the area around a church, mosque, synagogue or similar buildings originally built for a “Holy” purpose. The zone can also be placed just outside the compounds, but then there must be good visual contact with the building so the turfer can get a “Holy experience”.
Also graveyards without “Holy” buildings are considered as “Holy”.

Accordingly to www.lundkvist.com the turfer PinkCat has visited the most HZ, to date 708. Of all the attributes, Holy is the most common, maybe because holy places are easily identified for zone makers when placing new zones. HZ are often well worth visiting too. Crew members recommend Hallgrímur in Iceland and IshaveZone. I am also very fond of my closest HZ, VakChurch, where I took Ghost Minute.


Ghost Minute is awarded to those turfers who dare to take a Holy Zone between 00:00 and 00:01. To date 2199 turfers have taken this scary medal. Most plan quite carefully how to take it, but there are instances when taking it comes as a pleasant surprise. This happend to Rydenskan when she was going home from a night out with some turfer friends. Her phone was giving her some gps trouble, so after restarting the phone and getting assist on MosqueZone, she and her company were very surprised when the Ghost Minute medal showed up. Someone who planned carefully how to take Ghost Minute was edjur. This is edjur's story:

Most turfers taking the Ghost-medal plan it with some care, my planning was a bit extreme. A few of us turfers in Uppsala sometimes to medal combinations where we combine several medals in one take. In August 2015, I wanted to combine Ghost with Insomnia, El Staminatore and Take-15000. Some months planning and 23 hours of careful turfing to take excatly 199 zones without missing any hour was culminating with this one last take of the holy zone EriksMountain. It would be my 15000th take in total and 200th within the last 24 hours, it would be the last hour of Insomnia and it needed to be taken between midnight and one minute past. I was very nervous until the ”zone taken” came with all four medals following. It was with a great sense of achievement I rode my bike home that night.”

Turf Events

Next month, Lusseturf will take place in Västerås for the 6th time on Sunday the 9th of December. It is an event by foot and a new thing this year is a team competition. Read more and sign up at: http://www.uturf.se/?p=55612

If you want your public event featured in Turf Insider, write to  insider@turfgame.com Best is to write at least two months in advance and add a webpage if possible. After the event it is always fun to read a paragraph about it (winners, weather, funny episodes) and a picture is worth more than a 1000 words.

Three Quick Ones

Three random turfers who have answered the quick questions :)

Turf nick: Munin

Favorite Zone

BlåFågelholk. The blue bird house in the zone makes me smile every time I take the zone. And the forest path from TriggerHappys is fun to bike :)

What is the most frustrating with Turf?

When the technology does not work, either my own phone or the game servers.

Which medal was the toughest to take?

The Staminatrix medal, it was so boring to bike around the same 40 zones in Uppsala for about 9 hours, yet it is somewhat fun to have done it.

Turf-nick: Game-Over

What made you begin with Turf?

My daughter challenged me

An accessory (not bike) you used to take a zone.

Rubber boat, to take Munksjön

A medal you would like to see in the future

Adventure Medal

Turf-nick: SaffieSiri

What made you begin with Turf?

A training mate introduced me, he talked so much about it. The next day I downloaded the app and was stuck!

Most memorable zone you have taken.

Skördaren and all the other zones in the area affected by the forest fire in Västmanland back in 2014.

Which personal goal are you most satisfied with?

I finished ”Kors och Tvärs” (ed. Turf Mission at frut.zundin.se) today! :)

Turfa lungt/Safe turfing!


Lusseturf 2018-10-24 19:08:07

It´s that time of the year again, Saint Lucia´s day is approaching.
Turf Västmanland invites all turfers for a foot event, Lusseturf, in Västerås, Sunday the 9:th of December. The same place as every year, Orientalen. Easy to find, it´s next to the zone “Orientalen”. The organizers appreciates any attempt to dress up as a "luciatåg", and is compulsory if you and your fellow turfers want to compete as a team (luica, tärna, stjärngosse och tomte). Sign up at uturf.se, the 2:nd of December at the latest. The organizers reserves the right to cancel the team competition.

We hope that it will be lots of snow and lots of fun. More info, in swedish, at www.uturf.se.

TURF INSIDER October 2018-10-24 19:06:49

Round winners

The winner of round 99 hails from my own home region Uppsala: Kygni, he is the fourth member of the exclusive sub-20 age group of Turf World winners :) He announced his intent the first day of round 99 to Uppsala turfers, and he kept biking all the way, taking greed-350 during the last weekend. Lejfis from Örebro grabbed his first silver with a will of steel and constant smile accordingly to fellow turfers in his region. MaXi, another young one, from Dalarna won his first bronze in fierce competition with runner-up snickaren. Something tells me MaXi will be back for more of the valuable medals in the future. Well done mates!

Winner Zones

After winning Gold in the World or in any of the official Turf countries (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Korea), the winner gets to place a zone, a Winner Zone, in that country. It is common that the zone has the form of a crown or something that defines the turfer who won (simpson has winner zones in the form of cats or the first letter of the turfer). The country list has to have at least 30 turfers on it, for a Country-medal to be awarded and a winner zone to be allocated.

To date 367 winner zones (WZ) have been placed in official Turf countries. The top three cities to visit if you collect WZ are: Oslo (43), Mariehamn (40) and Kampen (32). In Sweden, Kalmar is leading with 13 WZ followed by Linköping (11) and Malmö (11). At http://lundkvist.com/ (site is only in Swedish) statistics over who has taken most WZ can be found and at this time it is the man behind the site, HappyF, that has most WZ under his belt (144). Two of his favorite winner zones to visit are ElCamino in the Botanical Garden in Gothenburg and WsnurrsHage in the Botanical Hage in Oslo. Do we see a common denominator here? ;)

Many turfers have celebrated their Winner Zones not only by being the first to take it, but also with ”bubbles” together with friends. KråkanKrax is sharing a picture of Tompaj and Yoth when they celebrated her WZ KråkansSång. They took it together, again showing the beauty of Assist :)

Turf In Finland and Finland Explorer

Finland is divided into seven regions in Turf. The majority of Finnish turfers can be found in Mariehamn (Åland), Helsinki (Etelä-Suomi) and Turku (Lounais-Suomi). 56 turfers have visited all regions of Finland and are proud holders of Finland Explorer. kingenin and MasterOfTurf were the first to take this medal way back in 2013 (before most of us knew of Turf).

Åland is the Finnish region with most active turfers. They speak Swedish, have a high degree of autonomy from Finland in governing itself and consists of a large number of islands with amazing scenery. The turfers in Mariehamn are very hospitable, something I experienced myself when rozaliona invited me over for coffee one evening. They don't have a Turf club or organized Turf get-togethers yet, but plenty of spontaneous meetings and acitivties.

During last year's Steel FM Help (local radio station sending live on the city square and collecing money for charity), the turfers in Mariehamn donated under the name ”Turf Åland” and had daily Crowdy-takes in a special zone on the sqaure. Thanks to one of the local radio hosts, the Crowdy-size grew every day, culminating in the International record of 52 Assist on New Year's Eve (not counting the Swedish record of 177 at the Bonanza in Jönköping 2017).

A Turf Meeting Story from rozaliona

This is a picture from Lilla Homen, the central beach in Mariehamn, and beyond the row of birds lies the zone "HolmenBeach". From that, I personally have a very nice memory of the first turf tourist I met. I had paddled all the way there and picked up the phone to start the app. To my surprise, I saw a turf figure on the beach and when I looked up, I saw a man wading into the water, further and further out, until he began swimming with one arm up in the air. He looked up on the phone from time to time and I did not have the audacity to go and block the zone for him (there was no assist back then... which would've been nice), so I waited until he took the zone. This was my first meeting with the Stockholm turfer LBz :)”


For anyone living in or near Stockholm (Sweden) it is easy to take the ferry over to both Mariehamn in Åland and to Helsinki. I have done both, and had my bike with me both times. Mariehamn in August is lovely, and by bike it is a perfect place to visit for a couple of days. I am sure it is fantastic by foot too, but it will take you more than a couple of days to visit all the zones. In Helsinki, I and two other Swedish turfers met up with local turfer Fillefilur for a 3,5 hour private turf tour (long live Assist!). He took us out of the city centre towards the northeast and then back to the ferry. One of the cooler zones we visited was Mamutsauna at the end of a very desolate pier; the zone is next to a metal sculpture of mammoths and a people's sauna open for everyone.

The remaining five regions in Finland are easiest to take by car, but trains and buses are another option, although then it is more difficult to bring your own bike. However, most Finnish cities do not have so many zones since there are few/none local turfers. Any ideas how to increase Turf's popularity in Finland is highly appreciated by TurfCrew :)

My personal favorites among Finnish cities are Kupoio, Oulo and Rovaniemi. All three cities are relatively flat and the number of zones are under 1 zone/biked km (in Kuopio it was almost as many zones per km biked as home in Uppsala!). The zone RanuaKirkko in Lappi is extra special to me, since that was where me and my partner took the Finland Explorer medal in August.

For Finnish turfers there is a page in Finnish at https://turfgame.fi and don't forget the Finland Section in the Turf Forum. If you have zone suggestions you "burn" a little bit extra for, please start a new topic in the Zones section for Finland to get the attention of the Finnish zone makers, so they can pick up on your desire for a new zone :)

Three Quick Ones

This month we look east at three Finnish turfers who have answered the quick questions :)

Turf nick: Fillefilur

What is the most frustrating thing with Turf?

When the Avatar does not want to go into the zone, even though you're in the middle of it in real life, or when the Avatar jumps out of the zone in the middle of the take.

Which personal goal are you most satisfied with?

Finland Explorer. I travel very little with work and when I go on holiday, it is rare to travel in my home country.

An accessory (not bike) you used to take a zone.

Umbrella, the zone was out in water due to high water levels and I had no swim gear with me. Could walk out a bit but it was not enough, so I put the phone in a bag that I stuck on the umbrella, which I then stretched out.

Turf-nick: KråkanKrax

Favorite Zone

SleepingBoats. I can go out in my morning robe and take the zone on the other side of the road when I go to the mailbox to pick up the morning newspaper.

Which medal was the toughest to take?

The first time I took bronze. SJ took silver and he was going as the X2000 speed train from Kiruna.

Most memorable zone you have taken. Why?

The church in Finström (StMikaels) when I took Greed-300 and had the clock against me. I needed more zones and had "everything" in the center of the city.

Turf-nick: TortugaVeloz

What made you begin with Turf?

It was via a friend. Turf got me out instead of sitting at home

Favorite Zone

FöriZone, free ferry over Aura river 

A medal you would like to see in the future

Silver and Bronze in Finland, we in Turku have no chance of winning gold in Finland.

Turfa lungt/Safe turfing!


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