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Countdown to Bonanza 2018
Clarification regarding Trainer medal 2018-06-21 20:12:35

When going for the Trainer medal, please be adviced that it is one take per day in UTC time.

However, we are aware that this information was not communicated before 27th of May. So if your 30 days quest for Train station zones begun before the 27th of May you will be awarded the medal even if you took the zones with your country's local time zone in mind. 

Please make an issue if you want to claim the medal: https://issues.turfgame.com/report/11

//Turf Crew

KulTurf 2018-06-15 19:02:00

Kulturf är ett unikt event i kulturens tecken där ni under två timmar får möjligheten att till fots eller på cykel utforska staden Örebros guldkorn och sevärdheter.

I detta event är det inte den totala poängen som är det viktigaste utan det är antalet unika zoner som premieras.

Efter avslutat event så erbjuds ni möjlighet att avrunda dagen med en middag högst uppe i stadens mest kända landmärke Svampen.

För mer information och anmälan se https://hem.turforebro.se/kulturf-2018/

T&MC 2018 2018-06-15 19:01:00

The association Turf Skåne is arranging the first ever public turf event in Skåne on September first – Turfathlon and Malmö Championship.

We are going for the full shebang with several options the valiant turfer can choose between

1. Turfathlon: three heats of which the first is water, second foot and the last wheel


2. Malmö Championship Foot: 45 minutes foot event (open)


3. Malmö Championship Wheel: 90 minutes bike, rollerblades, skateboards etc (open)

There will be medals and cups for the glorious winners! Read more here with link to pre-registration (in Swedish)

Hope to see you in Malmö first of September!

Kalmar 24h 2018-06-15 19:00:00

All information at www.kalmarturf.se

GDPR 2018-05-25 18:24:50

Yes yes, we have also done our homework in these times of GDPR.

One of the parts is to allow every user to see what information we have stored about him/her.

By logging in here on Turfgame.com you can go to the settings page (icon up in the right top corner). There you can easily request your data. Processing takes a while, but you will get everything we store about you in order to make the game work.

Best regards Turf Crew

Göteborg Turf Open 2018 2018-05-20 19:01:18

Nu är datum och tid för årets öppna event spikat.

Eventet går av stapeln 2/6 med start 13:00.

Mer information om plats och annat kommer på Turf Göteborgs hemsida när det är klart, men boka datumet redan nu.

Next BONANZA announced 2018-05-20 19:00:01
Trainer 2018-05-20 07:52:27

We released a few new medals yesterday.

Unfortunately the train attribute in the app seems to be invisible, we will fix that in the next version.

However assist are valid when taking the Trainer medal.

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