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BONANZA 2022 2021-09-06 17:09:11

At the Bonanza Banquet in Örebro it was announced that next year´s Bonanza will be held in Västervik. Kalmar Turf association is the organizer. Welcome to Västervik May 21st! You can get a taste of what awaits via THIS teaser video.

TURF INSIDER September 2021-09-10 20:51:56
Round winners

Congratulations to the winners of round 134: Király from Skåne was too busy to beat the points and Takes record during a new record to attend the Bonanza 2021 and in the process he secured his 15th Gold medal. Grock from Norrbotten turfed home his first Silver and Marcus_P from Hamburg is the first German turfer to win a medal in Turf, congrats to the Bronze!

Well done mates!

Bonanza 2021

It was finally time for Bonanza on the 4th of September. It was held in Örebro and turfers from at least four countries came to fight over the event zones. In the foot event rabbit_rail from Stockholm ran home a Gold,19Ovechkin from Jönköping won Silver and Raudonvirsis from Stockholm won Bronze. A total of 167 tufers took at least one zone during the foot event.

In the bike event, magnusn from Stockholm biked home a Gold, SunYour from Västerås took Silver and ravinous from Stockholm nabbed the Bronze. A total of 128 turfers took at least one zone during the bike event. The complete results can be found HERE.

At the Bonanza banquet in the evening of the 4th of September, the Turf Awards for 2019 and 2020 were awarded. 7 turfers went home with 8 statues. féarglas from Scotland took home Turf Star of the year 2020 and Turfer of the year 2020, well deserved! florence and Entertainer from Stockholm won for Best Zone Take 2020 award and Bont from Västerbotten took home the Turf Performance of the year 2020. Congratulations! In January 2022 the nominations for Turf Awards 2021 will begin.

Bonanza 2022

Next year´s Bonanza will be held in Västervik. Kalmar Turf association is the organizer together with local Västervik turfers. Welcome to Västervik on May 21st! You can get a taste of what awaits via THIS teaser video.

Turf Ultimate Region Fight

During the September round, Turf Ultimate Region Fight is taking place. Last year it was Sverigekampen since only Swedish regions took part. This year also Scotland and Minnesota are battling it out. You can follow the battle at Turfportalen. The Region battle is organized by MaXi and a statue and challenge prize were handed out to last year's winners Uppsala at the Bonanza banquet. Which region will Uppsala hand over the perpetual trophy to next year?

Medal nerd sync in Scotland

Nerd sync of medals is something the average turfer gets into when it is already a little too late to sync more than 3 or 4 medals. In the beginning you are usually just too busy exploring the zones on the map and in some cases I've even heard beginners finding the seemingly never ending supply of new ranks and medals a nuisance.

So in order to maximize the number of medals you can take with one take, a newbie account needs to be set up. And if everything goes as plan, one take can generate in up to 9 medals with a little help from friends. Crackers (Artful) almost managed this last round in Scotland. Read his story HERE. The record before was 4 medals with one take.

Did you know...

...a total of 401 Country medals have been awarded in Turf to 154 different turfers. Nicke1 from Norway has the most, 30 and all are from Norway. Mo112 from Finland is second with 21 (all Finnish) and Király from Sweden has 18 (17 from Sweden and 1 from Denmark). 5 turfers have Country medals from two different countries: Király from Sweden, Nybegynner from Norway, TXL from Sweden, Pilgrim from Sweden and Ado from Sweden. All of them has at least one Country medal from Denmark.

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!


...if you want to contribute to future Turf Insiders, send your story to insider@turfgame.com :)

New version released with new medal serie 2021-09-06 17:21:01

On the day of the Bonanza 2021, a new version of Turf was released featuring the new medal serie DAILY. The aim of Daily is to take at least 5 zones per day (takes, assists or revisit are all supposed to work) for 10 days to get the first medal. The highest medal is rewarded to those turfers who remembers to take five zones per day for 365 days...go go go! 


Turfing across Sweden for charity 2021-08-22 20:11:11

Don't miss out on Hdaskydrone, who is currently cycling across Sweden on his electric bike for a good cause.

The route is 2.600km long and goes from Treriksröset to Smygehuk. He has currently made it 300km.

You may also support his good cause by donating to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund.

Kenneths insamling för Barncancerfonden www.facebook.com/donate/396391165116245

Deadline to order Bonanza T-shirt 2021-08-10 20:08:11

If you want this year's Bonanza T-shirt, you have to order it before the 16th of August. And why not sign up for the Bonanza event itself and the banquet in the evening at the same time? Click HERE.

TURF INSIDER August 2021-08-06 10:18:56

Round winners

Congratulations to the winners of round 133: Xtrmrunner from Lounais-Suomi turfed home her first Gold, Oberoff from Stockholm secured his second Silver by biking 3384 kms during 242 hours and 32 min and Welshman from Lounais-Suomi had to make do with a bronze this time, it was another family members turn to Turf for Gold ;) 

Well done mates!

Bonanza 2021 - arranged by the association Örebro Turfers

Turf Crew together with Örebro Turfers invites every turfer to the most awaited Bonanza 2021.

On Saturday the 4th of September two open events will takes place in Örebro. Every turfer who participates will be awarded the Bonanza medal. First the Foot event, 10 am to noon, followed by the Bike Event, 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm. In the evening a Banquet will take place, starting at 6 pm.

Read more about the event, how to register and all things Bonanza 

And register for this fun World Cup event HERE.

Canoe Turf 2021

Kalmar Turf Association invites everyone to a Canoe Turf Event on the 14th of August. Invitation HERE (only in Swedish).

Two special adventures featuring female turfers took place in the last couple of rounds. Cissiliana från Uppsala decided to bike from Stockholm to Ängelholm during the round start in July and Anniña from Stockholm set out on her dream adventure together with Kygni from Uppsala. Here are their stories :)

Anniña and Kygni's Kebnekaise adventure

by Anniña with a little help from Kygni

”As usual when the two of us are leaving for a Turf Adventure, it was quite spontaneously booked and not so well planned.

We met up in Luleå where we then spent a day preparing and we also turfed a bit in Luleå. I can never resist a few extra unique zones!

The journey from Luleå to Keb Mountain Station by train, bus and foot was quite zoneless on June 29th. A few more zones along the nice trek between Nikkaluokta and Kebnekaise Mountain Station would be appreciated (hint to future zone makers in the area).

Once at Keb Mountain Station, we did not have the weather on our side but had to wait a few days before we could head to the top. So we had to spend time colouring KebStation (ed. in Warded the zones get different colours depending on how many times you have taken them). We managed to paint it red during our stay. While we waited for better weather we went on shorter trips, for example we visited TarfalaStugan which was the most complicated zone around Kebnekaise. It was almost impossible to get coverage there even though we had access to 4 different cell phone operators.

On the third day the weather was better and we started our journey up to the top. When we got over the first peak, we passed Kaffedalen and I (Anniña) managed to go through the snow/ice layer, so when we got up a bit on the very top of Kebnekaise, the energy started to run out, but then I, who had been disconnected from the outside world since we left Kiruna, received a message greeting me welcome to Norway so I could go into the Turf app and realize that we were very close to the first zone NyaToppStugan which unfortunately was far from the top cottage but taking the zone gave me new strength so the next hour up to the top which was mostly to wade through wet snow did not feel like a problem. It was great to stand in the Kebnekaise zone and look at the South top, our goal.

Once we reached Sydtoppen (ed. zone Kebnekaise), we realized that the hope of also being able to take KebNordtoppen had to be postponed to the future. It was with a mixture of horror and delight that we stood there at the top. We could not really rejoice that we had managed to climb it because now we had the whole long way back.

After replenishing our energy with food and water, we started the way back and it was pretty easy. But it was only when we were back at the KebStation zone that the euphoria to have done it came. It was an absolutely amazing experience. 
We had booked our tickets home for the 3rd of July so on the 2nd we mostly enjoyed the magnificent landscape and nature of the place until we started hiking back the following day.

Next time we might get a few more Turfers with us and manage to take us all the way to the northern peak to take zone KebNordtoppen. It was a fantastic turfing adventure that I hope many more will embark on.

Cissiliana's long distance bike ride adventure

by Cissiliana

It all started as a joke but when I added up the total distance I'd covered during various previous turf-rides, it actually felt doable and increasingly attractive. We (ed. she had a non-turfer along for the ride) started with my mother's midsummer lunch buffet in Järna outside Södertälje and then biked an average 88 km a day down to my family in the summer house outside Ängelholm in Skåne.

Since it was a long way to go (708 km) I could as well stop by in the well-renowned Turf city Kalmar which also gave us a rest day. Booking the hostels during the trip as well as stopping and swimming spontaneously gave a much-needed sense of freedom for this mother of three.

Many stops were taken at Turf zones since they often are placed in nice areas like the zone "Figeholm" in the town with the same name. I didn´t have big turfing ambitions for this trip, especially since my company doesn´t turf but many zones were exactly on our route :)

One thing I really wanted though was to visit the region "Blekinge". We touched Blekinge and took the closest zone which unfortunately happened to be the highest point of Blekinge (Rävabacken). After a suprisingly gentle ascent I was rewarded with the Icosaregion Star-medal. By that time Turf had gained a new member in "Alexiz".

I recommend you to try something similar; it was a pleasure for all senses and I am longing for my next trip. The nice weather helped of course and some light rain cooled us nicely in the warm temperatures but when we almost had reached our final destination we had to take shelter in a no-zone bus stop during a thunderstorm. I'm glad I did not have to use the spare inner tube I had with me and am now adding cable ties on my packing list as the package holder gave me some trouble.

Cissiliana´s 5 tips for longer biking tours

Leave the tent at home and cut down on the packing and grant yourself a good night's sleep in a hostel or hammock.

Hanging your wet swimwear on the bike while biking dries the clothes quickly.

Choose your route carefully, the road surface and slopes really affect your speed.

Bring cable ties.

The more breakfasts the better.

There you have it, two fantastic Turf adventures by some amazing turfers :)

Public Right of Access

Lately there has been an increase in Issues regarding zones in areas signed off as Private. I myself have had three such issues regarding zones in Sweden in the last few months. In two cases I wrote to the municipalities in question to ask if the ”Private” signs were legal. From one municipality the answer was a stern ”No. Those signs had to go.” and from the other the answer was the signs were legal, but you as a private person had the right to walk, jog, ride a horse and ski through the area marked off by the signs. The municipality quoted the Swedish Allemansrätt (Right of Public Access). Thanks to the Allemansrätt, it is very difficult to post signs restricting access to an area by foot. You have the right to walk just about anywhere in Sweden as long as you are in transit. And for sure, that is the case for us turfers, we are almost always on our way to ”just one more zone” :)

HERE you can read more about the Swedish Allemansrätt (Swedish) or IN ENGLISH HERE (pdf-file).

The right of access exists in other countries too, but to a lesser degree. As most zone makers are Swedish we are somewhat 'tainted' by the Swedish ease at which we can go everywhere, both in urban environments and in nature. We get quite a few issues about zones in ”Private areas” in non-Swedish countries, and a lot of those places would have been OK in Sweden. But we move them and try to stay away from similar places in the future :) 

In Sweden we don't move zones just because of the "Private Area"-sign because a) most likely you still have the right to walk there and b) it is possible it is an illegal sign, so please contact the municipality in question and ask before you write an issue. Of course, if the general feeling is that the zone is a disturbance for the people living there, the zone can be moved, but we don't move it just because of a sign. 

Did you know...

...in round 133 a new record was set for the number of Region medals awarded - 56.  The previous record was round 127 with 52 medals.

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!


...if you want to contribute to future Turf Insiders, send your story to insider@turfgame.com :)

Bonanza 2021, Saturday the 4th of September in Örebro 2021-06-22 17:46:33

We all know the third time's the charm, so here we go!

Despite many restrictions regarding Covid, the organizers feel quite confident that they can finally go through with Bonanza 2021 and thus get the chance to show off the beautiful city of Örebro.

On Saturday the 4th of September two open events will takes place in Örebro. Every turfer who participates will be awarded the Bonanza medal. First a Foot event, 10 am to noon, followed by the Bike Event, 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm. In the evening a Banquet will take place, starting at 6 pm. If the Covid-restrictions for 4 people/table is still in effect come September, only about 100 people can attend.

Read more about the event, how to register and all things Bonanza HERE (Swedish) and HERE FOR ENGLISH.

And register for this fun World Cup event HERE.

TurfCrew wants to make it clear that it is not Föreningen Turf Örebro that is the organizer of Bonanza 2021. It is the newly formed association Örebro Turfers who are responsible for the event.

If you have any questions, look up Bonanzan Örebro 2021 on Facebook or contact orebroturfers@gmail.com.

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