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November 2021-12-06 14:46:07

November month's Turf Insider - better late than never!

Round winners

Congratulations to the winners of round 136: féarglas from Scotland biked thru the nights to get her first Gold medal while skäggfar from Västmanland averaged 170 zones per day to secure his first Silver and vindturf from Södermanland turfed home his first Bronze!

Well done mates!

féarglas has the word:

" I, féarglas, want to thank people for the lovely messages, good wishes and kind words I received on winning the Gold medal this round. I am completely bowled over. Turf is many positive things to me, but the people make it especially wonderful. At round end, a new zone appeared in Edinburgh City called FaoiDheireadh (Irish language) and I know I will smile every time I visit it. Go raibh maith agaibh."

Bonanza 2022

I hope you have made a date with the world's turfers in Västervik next year. This is where next year´s Bonanza will be held. Kalmar Turf association is the organizer together with local Västervik turfers. Welcome to Västervik on May 21st! See you there :) More information will follow closer to the event.

Scottish event 20/21 November

If you find yourself in Aviemore, Scotland on the the weekend of 20/21 November, there is a plan to have a competitive event on the Saturday followed by an early group dinner, with perhaps a foot event at Glenmore on the Sunday. Come along for a great weekend, email Cambla on turfNEscot@gmail.com for more details.

If you don't want to travel to Scotland, you might want to head north, to Umeå in Sweden, this March for a Winter Classic with a serious twist.

24 h WINTER Event in Umeå 5-6th of March 2022

Turf Västerbotten is inviting everyone to a very special event during the first weekend of March in 2022. Here is their invitation:

”Does it make sense to turf 24 hours in a row on your own or in a team with 3 participants where you take turns in two-hour sessions?

In 2017, Umeå was first in Turf history with a 24-hour team cycling event

In 2018, Kalmar Turfförening was the first in Turf history with an individual class in addition to teams. Both of these events took place during the summer with dry asphalt, green grass and warm weather.

Now we turn up the heat for this event a bit and will run it during winter, in March so put winter tires on your bike, buy some warm long john's, extra strong bicycle lights and head north. For Umeå is taking back the baton and will run this 24 hour event in full, so sign up for either the bicycle class or walking/running class.

Turf Västerbotten welcomes all interested turfers to this event and gives you the opportunity to win the unusual and coveted 24h-event medal. Only 74 turfers are proud owners of this medal.”

More information and instructions how to sign up for this event can be found on Turf Västerbotten's home page. So far all information is in Swedish, but here's hoping it will soon be available in English. And if not, there's always Google translate :D

In October the first ever Turf event took place in Germany, it was a private event organized by a local turfer named Morten and here is a report about it from another German turfer. I am sure more German events will follow.

First private Turf event in Hamburg by JoasK

”Small but nice, private and not yet public. But at least, a first beginning has been made. This Sunday (ed. 17th of October), a few German Turf enthusiasts were driven to Hamburg, where everything started at the end of last year. Germany is still an absolute Turf diaspora. In Hamburg, Lübeck, Berlin, Cologne and Bonn there are a handful of people who regularly go turfing, but so far not much is happening.

That's why it was even nicer that on Sunday 9 Turf maniacs actually met in Hamburg for the first Turf event in Germany. The whole thing was organized by Morten, who is only 14 years old. For months he has been on fire for this wonderful game and currently he even leads the German ranking list.

Nobody really knew how such a Turf event worked. But after the countdown had expired, it was quite quickly clear what was going on. For one hour the 9 turfers chased through the event zones of Hamburg. The time flew by. Of course the Turfers from Hamburg had a little home advantage and so it was not surprising that the first six places were won by them. Afterwards the 9 turfers took a few zones together, so that they all won the Crowdy-8-Medal: Yeah! The afternoon ended with coffee and cake. A public event next year in Hamburg, was of course also considered.”

Let's hope the German turfers will multiply and a public event can be held in Hamburg, or some other nice German city, during 2022. There has been Turf events happening in Scotland too this last round and here's a little story about one of those:

SeaTurtle’s event at Balerno

"It was great fun organising the latest turf event in Balerno, which is west of the city at the foot of the Pentland Hills, and good that lots of people turned up. People especially loved all the ‘rooty’ zones in the North of the village!!! Congratulations to ESOCWalter who scored most points on the day, while cycling with Dusty in a doggy backpack and taking the reservoir water zone more than once. ESOCKisaKat was top junior!"

Tandem’s Foot Diversiest

"Could I visit 30 unique zones a day, every day, for 5 weeks to achieve the Diversiest medal? That was my target and from day 1 I was ahead of schedule and achieved the medal half way through week 5. I walked an average of 30km a day and in the last hour of the round hit 400,000 points, double what I would normally reach in a round. It was good to visit new areas, like the Borders and Mid Lothian as my home county of East Lothian has just over 500 zones but my biggest surprise was the Edinburgh zones. Being a country lass I usually avoid the city but I was very pleasantly surprised by the number of green areas, parks and ponds and a fabulous network of cycle/walkways which allow you to get around but avoid the traffic.

I had a lot of encouragement from turfers I knew but also met new ones along the way. It was hard at times but the sense of achievement made it all worthwhile. A more restful 5 a day this round, I should manage that :)"

CSL on zone making

"Now that we can travel more widely, I've enjoyed turfing in new areas - the turf zones usually take you to unusual places. I was pleased to have the chance to visit Rochdale, in Lancashire, recently. This is one of the towns where I did my apprenticeship as a zonemaker, and it was interesting to see some of "my" zones at last! Creating zones is a slow business, and the zonemakers all do it in their spare time. I've noticed some comments on the UK chat recently from people who say they've made lots of suggestions but not seen any new zones in their area. There are only about 20 of us for the whole world, so please be patient! Coverage in the UK is patchy, and we try to make new zones in the places with most activity, but of course this is hard to judge."

I can only agree with CSL how fun and interesting it is to visit places where you have made the zones. I spent three weeks in Germany in September/October doing just this. It was great fun to travel by car and bike thru Germany, meeting local turfers and taking over 1100 unique zones. It also became very obvious that most German cities are severely under-zoned. Nowhere were we close to a Ferret or a Weasel (10 zones in 10 respectively 15 min), we didn't even make a Beaver (10 zones in 20 min) in Hamburg or Berlin where the zone density is better than in most other German cities. Perhaps part of the problem was we were turfing during day time with heavy traffic all around, but it also became obvious how far it is between the zones once you leave the city centre, and some of these cities are spread over a very large area. On the way home thru Sweden we stopped in Vaggeryd for unique zones and had no problem at all to take a Weasel on lovely bike paths and with almost no traffic in sight on a Sunday afternoon.

Did you know...

...that Scotland has 1,8 zones per 1000 inhabitant, but only 0,1 zones per km2? The same numbers for Stockholm is 2,4 zones per 1000 inhabitant and 0,9 zones per km2. And for London it is 0,3 zones per 1000 inhabitant and 1,8 zones per km2. Turf Crew considers every inhabitant a potential turfer and hope one day it will be so :)

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!


...if you want to contribute to future Turf Insiders, send your story to insider@turfgame.com :) It can be small, big, funny, sad, but as long as it is Turf-related, it has a good chance of being featured in next Turf Insider!

TurfTeams.se 2021-11-29 12:51:19


Efter mycket hårt arbete är vi stolta att presentera TurfTeams.se

TurfTeams är en satsning på företagshälsa och är riktad helt mot företag, myndigheter och organisationer som har ett behov av att aktivera sig på ett roligt och hälsosamt sätt.
Alla vi turfare vet redan fördelarna med Turf när det gäller motivationen att röra på sig och glädjen man kan finna i detta.
Nu försöker vi nå ut till ett helt nytt segment, något som vi hoppas kunna gynna hela turf-sfären på sikt!

Läs mer på TurfTeams.se, vår specialgjorda sida som förklarar konceptet.

TurfTeams är en del i vanliga turf men företaget får tillgång till egna sidor med topplistor, statistik, medaljer, osv. Det går utmärkt att kombinera med det vanliga turfandet.

Jobbar du i en organisation med mer än 30 anställda och tycker att det låter intressant? vill ni testa något kul i vår?
-Gå in på TurfTeams.se och hör av er.

Coming up! 2021-11-26 09:53:34

As you can see on the bottom of the page at Turfgame.com we are getting close to the insane number 100 million visited zones.

How should we celebrate?

Give us your best ideas on facebook or instagram!

INSTA: #turfgame and @turfcrew

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/turfgame and facebook.com/Turfthegame

TURF INSIDER October 2021-10-14 15:45:43

Round winners

Scotland, Scotland and Scotland!! Congratulations to the winners of round 135: Artful from Edinburgh, Scotland was the round winner in September with 5.883 takes and 1.377.693 points. Really impressive! Just behind, with the Silver medal, we find pPilot and the Bronze medal goes to TSFeTaTo. Where do they come from? Region Scotland of course! In fourth place we find féarglas from Scotland and in fifth place Gallant from Kalmar.

Well done mates!

Turf Ultimate Region Fight 2021

During the September round many turfers fought in this region battle. Nine teams and a total of 404 turfers participated. Region Åland won the battle, followed by Scotland, Västmanland, Kalmar and Östergötland. Congrats to all the turfers in team Åland. You can pick up the trophy at the Bonanza banquet in Västervik on 21 May 2022. The turfer MaXi is the organizer of the Region Fight. Many thanks to him and to Linus Odenring who provides the results via turfportalen.se

Here are some comments that have been published on Facebook by the team leaders for Åland and Scotland.

Aicar - team leader for Team Åland: ”I am incredibly proud and impressed with the efforts of our team. Very many have overperformed (turfers who said before that you would drive in 80 - 100,000 points, but hava taken more than 200,000 points), everyone has been involved and contributed and above all we have had a team that consists of just over 30% more participants than the minimum number! One of the turfers who has been in the regional fight before has cycled a bit over 1000 km and he came in 10th place in the internal ranking! A big thank you to MaXi who arranged the competition, to all the hikers in Team Åland who performed incredibly well and above all had fun (I have heard many say: "This was very fun!") and to all participants in the opposing regions where I especially want highlight Kalmar and Scotland that we fought the most against during these 4 weeks of taking some extra points in each category!”

David Parker, Team Scotland: ”Congratulations to Åland and all of the teams and turfers in the Turf Ultimate Regional Fight 2021. Many thanks to MaXi for organising such a wonderful competition. It's been a lot of fun in Scotland and has brought many turfers together with a great all round effort! We've really enjoyed competing and watching the efforts of the other teams. Looking forward to many more happy Turf experiences!”

Most taken zone in September

During the region fight, there was clearly an increased Turf activity in the participating regions. In the winning region of Åland, the number of takes more than doubled compared with the summer months of June and July. In central Mariehamn on Åland, we also find the zone that was taken the most times in the world during September. The zone SteelHelp was taken 803 times in 28 days, which gives an average of 28.7 times / 24 hours or 1.2 times per hour!! Hard wear on that zone in other words.

The new Daily Medal

The new Daily Medal has attracted a lot of attention. The medal is awarded to those who make 5 takeovers every day for 10, 30, 60, 90, 180 and 365 days straight (UTC time). Right now we have 555 turfers who have received Daily 30 and 947 who got Daily 10. TXL from Skåne was the first turfer who got Daily 30 followed by aivar and recycling. Now it will be exciting to see who will be the first turfer to take the Daily 60 medal in November.A good tip on Day 60 is to wear the crown when the clock strikes 00.00 (UTC time), stand in one zone and have four more zones close by. On the other hand, it is not most important to take it first. The most important thing is to take at least five zones every day so you get your daily exercise!

Bonanza planning and other upcoming events

As you already know, next year’s Bonanza will be held in Västervik on May 21st. Kalmar Turf association will soon release information on how you can book discounted accommodation in hotels or in rented cabins at the giant campsite Västervik Resort, where the Bonanza banquet will be held. The information will be published on kalmarturf.se. Information will also be disseminated on Facebook.

Now the process also begins to designate where Bonanza 2023 will be carried out. Turf Crew will release an inquiry to all known associations shortly. Associations outside Sweden can register their interest in receiving the material in English by emailing events@turfgame.com

Are you waiting for an exciting and challenging event invitation to appear? Keep your eyes open during October! You will not think it's true when you see it!

Germany has received the first Round medal

Last Turf Insider we talked about Country medals. Now we want to draw attention to the fact that a turfer from Germany received his first Round medal. We congratulate Marcus_P from Hamburg who in round 134 won the Bronze medal with 1,037,687 points and 2,848 takes. Activity is increasing in Germany and in the Hamburg region there are approx. 30 active turfers. Turf has now attracted attention in a German podcast – EnJoyYourBike Podcast - which is available on YouTube (Podcast # 63).

Keep on turfing in October and don’t forget to take at least five zones every day and …… perhaps even that extra zone!


TURF INSIDER September 2021-09-10 20:51:56
Round winners

Congratulations to the winners of round 134: Király from Skåne was too busy to beat the points and Takes record during a new record to attend the Bonanza 2021 and in the process he secured his 15th Gold medal. Grock from Norrbotten turfed home his first Silver and Marcus_P from Hamburg is the first German turfer to win a medal in Turf, congrats to the Bronze!

Well done mates!

Bonanza 2021

It was finally time for Bonanza on the 4th of September. It was held in Örebro and turfers from at least four countries came to fight over the event zones. In the foot event rabbit_rail from Stockholm ran home a Gold,19Ovechkin from Jönköping won Silver and Raudonvirsis from Stockholm won Bronze. A total of 167 tufers took at least one zone during the foot event.

In the bike event, magnusn from Stockholm biked home a Gold, SunYour from Västerås took Silver and ravinous from Stockholm nabbed the Bronze. A total of 128 turfers took at least one zone during the bike event. The complete results can be found HERE.

At the Bonanza banquet in the evening of the 4th of September, the Turf Awards for 2019 and 2020 were awarded. 7 turfers went home with 8 statues. féarglas from Scotland took home Turf Star of the year 2020 and Turfer of the year 2020, well deserved! florence and Entertainer from Stockholm won for Best Zone Take 2020 award and Bont from Västerbotten took home the Turf Performance of the year 2020. Congratulations! In January 2022 the nominations for Turf Awards 2021 will begin.

Bonanza 2022

Next year´s Bonanza will be held in Västervik. Kalmar Turf association is the organizer together with local Västervik turfers. Welcome to Västervik on May 21st! You can get a taste of what awaits via THIS teaser video.

Turf Ultimate Region Fight

During the September round, Turf Ultimate Region Fight is taking place. Last year it was Sverigekampen since only Swedish regions took part. This year also Scotland and Minnesota are battling it out. You can follow the battle at Turfportalen. The Region battle is organized by MaXi and a statue and challenge prize were handed out to last year's winners Uppsala at the Bonanza banquet. Which region will Uppsala hand over the perpetual trophy to next year?

Medal nerd sync in Scotland

Nerd sync of medals is something the average turfer gets into when it is already a little too late to sync more than 3 or 4 medals. In the beginning you are usually just too busy exploring the zones on the map and in some cases I've even heard beginners finding the seemingly never ending supply of new ranks and medals a nuisance.

So in order to maximize the number of medals you can take with one take, a newbie account needs to be set up. And if everything goes as plan, one take can generate in up to 9 medals with a little help from friends. Crackers (Artful) almost managed this last round in Scotland. Read his story HERE. The record before was 4 medals with one take.

Did you know...

...a total of 401 Country medals have been awarded in Turf to 154 different turfers. Nicke1 from Norway has the most, 30 and all are from Norway. Mo112 from Finland is second with 21 (all Finnish) and Király from Sweden has 18 (17 from Sweden and 1 from Denmark). 5 turfers have Country medals from two different countries: Király from Sweden, Nybegynner from Norway, TXL from Sweden, Pilgrim from Sweden and Ado from Sweden. All of them has at least one Country medal from Denmark.

Turfa lugnt/Safe turfing!


...if you want to contribute to future Turf Insiders, send your story to insider@turfgame.com :)

New version released with new medal serie 2021-09-06 17:21:01

On the day of the Bonanza 2021, a new version of Turf was released featuring the new medal serie DAILY. The aim of Daily is to take at least 5 zones per day (takes, assists or revisit are all supposed to work) for 10 days to get the first medal. The highest medal is rewarded to those turfers who remembers to take five zones per day for 365 days...go go go! 


BONANZA 2022 2021-09-06 17:09:11

At the Bonanza Banquet in Örebro it was announced that next year´s Bonanza will be held in Västervik. Kalmar Turf association is the organizer. Welcome to Västervik May 21st! You can get a taste of what awaits via THIS teaser video.

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