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1. Download Turf
The game is available for download on Google Play and App store. Visit the store pages by using the buttons below.


2. Setting up the game
After Turf is downloaded and installed, start the game, choose your username, and follow the short tutorial. More in-depth information about how to play and the world of Turf is available on the official wiki: TurfWiki.

3. Take zones
Turf is a location-based game using GPS technology, which requires you to go to the physical location of the virtual zones in order to take them. Try to take as many zones as you can to rack up points, earn medals, level up and climb the leaderboards!

4. Become an amazing turfer!
There are lots of things to do and places to see when playing Turf - will you become a unique zone hunter, a competitive player climbing the leaderboards, or do you simply want some extra motivation when exercising? Turf is a fun game for everyone, regardless of age or ambitions! Welcome to an amazing community and a fun hobby!

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